Disk Management Extend Fails “The parameter is incorrect.”

I have a couple of cluster nodes that I failed to size the C: drive
adequately and began to run out of disk space. No problem! They’re all virtual
machines, so I just need to expand the disks and away I go! Well, I’ve run into
this situation several times since my lab has a lot of machines that I’ve
upgraded over the years and while 15 – 25 GB volumes were fine prior to Windows
2008, it just doesn’t get it now and I like to use 40 GB volumes. That said,
I’ve seen several cases where the virtual disks grow correctly and show up in
the OS correctly, but when you try and use the Windows 2008 disk extend feature
then you get this error from Logical Disk Manager, “The parameter is

What’s worse is that the Logical Disk Manager sees the volume as 40 GB, while
the file system still only recognizes it as the original size. See the diagram
below where I’ve laid a Windows Explorer view of the C: file system over the
(supposed) 40 GB volume after extending the volume. Weird huh? What’s worse is
that reboots don’t correct the issue. LDM is firm in it’s belief that this
volume is now 40 GB and the File System doesn’t seem to care.

Here’s the work around that I’ve found to correct this situation. Go back
into Logical Disk Manager (Disk Management in Server Manager) and Shrink the
offending volume by 1 MB. After a minute or so, this will revert the volume back
to it’s original size.

Now you can choose to extend it again and all will be right with the world.
Notice in the screen shot below that both the volume and the file system now
agree on the correct sizing.


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