Free backup for your documents.

Nowadays, we have some free space in the cloud, and we can use that free space for a useful backup for our documents.

For example the dropbox can give us for free 3 GB of free space, is not much but we can use this free space for our benefit, but to do that we need to install the cloud app in your computer and create the trick with symbolic links. Is very easy, trust me.

In this example we use Dropbox, but we can use other, like skydrive.

One of the problem for this kind of software, don’t give us the option to choose multiple folders to synchronize. They are installed by default.

In this way, we can create “shortcut´s”, to automatically create a backup of our documents.

After installing the DropBox software, open a command prompt as an Administrator:

Now we go to create our first shortcut

mklink /d target_path link_path


mklink /d “C:\Users\USER\Dropbox\teste” “C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Drivers Backup”

That´s it. Now everything you have in the folder C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Drivers Backup, will go automatically to your Dropbox account.



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