System drive expansion error (DPART tool).

The other day I noticed a process that a colleague of mine was being performed and that in our day to day is very usual, but until now had not yet documented here.
The process of expansion of the system partition can be a headache for many system administrators, but with the right tools, it can be done without having to make unavailability.
The tool in question is called dpart and was released a few years by Dell and is still used today by many.

The question that I am here today to describe, is not the process of expansion, but a problem that can happen in this process.

Let’s grab a windows 2003 server and recreate this issue.

We have a windows 2003, with a 10 Gb hard but we only have 8 Gb available;

Disk Management




By doing this process, we may encounter the following error message;

Unable to connect to c: or it does not exist

error dpart




To overcome it, just make sure the service Indexing Service,  are stopped.

Besides the Indexing Service, can be installed Windows Search, which likewise have to be stopped.




That´s it :).


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