“The format did not complete successfully”

A few days ago a colleague of mine was to add a few more disks in a Windows cluster 2003 Enterprise, and create a new Failover Cluster Instances, and one of the disks, an gave an error “The format did not complete successfully.”


The cause off this issue, is validated by the presentation of the discs through the Storage, and presented a new LUN and still give the same error. Attempted to make the format in various ways, but without success.

After some research we came across an article that references the activation of automount

This problem may occur if AutoMount is not turned on on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition. When AutoMount is turned on, and a new hard disk is detected, AutoMount automatically tries to assign a drive letter and mount the disk”

To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

  1. At a command prompt, type mountvol /e to turn on the Automount option for new disks.
  2. Run the New Partition wizard. Format a new volume that does not have a drive leter.

At a command prompt, type mountvol /n to turn off the Automount option.

VERY IMPORTANT Do not leave the Automout option turned on on systems that have complex storage configurations, such as Storage Area Networks (SANs). On systems where drives are exposed to more than one system, the drives could be exposed to unexpected systems. This exposure could cause these systems to lose data access or could cause data corruption.

Source: Microsoft Kb.


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