Certificate Error. unable to continue to website


After installing Windows 8, i came across some technical issues that in one way or another is able to solve. This is one of them who would like to share here.

The need to access an HP Onboard Administrator to make running a Blade and I came across an issue with certificates. If the certificate is not trusted, does not show us the two options to continue or cancel the navigation despite the warning.

After some research I managed to find a Workaround for this issue

Error IE

1)  Go to:  Tools > Internet Options > Advanced

2)  Scroll down to:  Security

3)  Uncheck the boxes labeled:  Check for publisher’s certificate revocation AND Check for server certificate revocation

4) Reboot.

Error IE After

That’s it :).


Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) replaces crash details with a sad face

Microsoft releases in previous BSoD formats, the screen contained details of the crash, followed by a “restart your computer” command or something similar. In Windows 8, the details are no longer featured on the next-gen BSoDs. Instead, they’ve been replaced by a frown smiley and a message telling you your computer gagged and needs to be restarted. I think many people wants to put a big LOL instead of the frown smiley.